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Lucky find glass frog and pillar vase

Top the pillar vase with a glass flower frog

Perfect size match... a vintage glass flower frog and a new pillar vase from Ikea and then all we have to do it simply place the frog on the vase.

Design note: take a few minutes to go through your design pantry to size match odd things together. A frog on a pillar vase. A vase on or in a vase. An old basket upside down inside a glass container... it might just work!

Add water to the pillar vase making sure the frog also filled with water

Add water to the pillar vase making sure the frog also filled with water.

Book readers turn to page 141 to read more about glass frogs and containers. For more information about my book: The Effortless Floral Craftsman

Cut the oxalis stems shorter and place it in the frog holes

Cut the oxalis stems shorter and place it in the frog holes.

No need to follow a pattern

No need to follow a pattern... the way the oxalis is configured makes it easy to slip flowers into the holes between the leaves.

It is more important to create a slight edge

Place the oxalis so that it overhangs slightly around the edge to conceal the frog.

Slip in the carnation flowers

Slip in the carnation flowers...

Between the oxalis

... between the oxalis, through the holes in the frog so that the flowers remain hydrated.

Fluff carnations open to mimic the oxalis

For my design I opened up the carnations to show off the inside. The petals look so similar to the oxalis!

This week in our email I show you the difference between an old fashioned carnation and how we can fluff them open to update their look... exactly the same flower. If you are not yet signed up the button is below this post. I send out a notification email every Wednesday morning (Vancouver time) to show you something design specific in more detail.

Add in a few curvier oxalis stems

Add in a few curvier oxalis stems. The plump sepals of the carnation acts as a stopper in the glass frog holes... keeping the long stems in the exact place you want them.

Drape the oxalis over and around the carnation dome shape

Drape the oxalis over and around the carnation dome shape.

Add in a few off cut stems around the edge as a collar

Add in a few off cut stems around the edge as a collar...

Lift out and release any petals

Lift out and release any petals that are trapped with a bamboo skewer to make sure the deign looks light and fresh.

And I finish off my design with a few dew drop crystals

And I finish off my design with a few dew drop crystals.

See the Tutorial below for more details on how I add these crystals.

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8 July 2015 Using a pin to place tiny dew drop crystals

It's sometimes difficult to place a tiny crystal or bead exactly where you want it.

6 July 2022 Weave a grass sphere to keep the long flower stems neatly in place on a bud vase

Both pretty and pretty effective. Keep the flowers exactly where you want them by weaving a stopper for your bud vase.

4 July 2018 Bundle Support

Tie a bundle of lily grass in a bundle to offer support for your flowers.

2 August 2017 Two vase, two level Phormium snippets

Design in two levels by using two vases, the smaller slipped into a bigger one.

8 January 2020 Leaf-puddle for a short stem in a big vase

Add a leaf to a large-ish vase to create a small puddle of water for your short flower stem to rest in.

11 January 2023 Unfurl winter’s potential in a snow filled monstera leaf shelter

Capture a bit of winter magic by placing delicate flower buds in the middle of two large leaves.

23 March 2013 Rolling leaf tubes

Roll foliage to create tubes

31 May 2023 No Mow May Scattered Grass and Erigeron Meadow design

Tape a grid to create a barely there scattered grass display for a cooling summer display.

26 August 2020 Create a tighter fit with pebbles so that you can wedge a twig securely into a vase

It all started with my twig being just too small to wedge into the glass vase tight enough to keep my orchid stem in place...

15 January 2020 Over and under weave floral panel armature for inside a vase

Weave a small panel that fits snugly in a container for a minimal, foam free design that is quick to make but looks spectacular.

24 July 2018 Lemon Aid Container Stopper

Keep flowers in place by placing a lemon on the narrow rim of the container.

22 February 2023 A knot and a lean and hand full of snippets in a bud vase

Using all parts of a small bunch of iris flowers to craft a unique display.

26 April 2023 New growth Spring frog

Willow cutting left in water will root and sprout... perfect for a all natural flower frog to admire as is or to keep long stem flowers upright.

Favourite Flowers


Pink, Carnation, Clove Pink, Chinese Pink

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5 June 2024 hang out with.. you know… floristically speaking

Making what makes your floral details unique the focal point of a design

4 July 2018 Wonder

Tie a bundle of grass to support your floral details

2 August 2017 Grace

Use snips and snippets and leftovers to create a design of it's own

8 January 2020 Rest a bit here

Gently curve a shallow area with a leaf to showcase a gorgeous flower with a short stem in a water filled vase

11 January 2023 Maybe Still Maybe

... a something to look forward to design that makes you lean in closer to see what might still be.

22 May 2019 Putting your own spin on it

I would definitely describe my own personal style as minimalist classic... but with an edgy twist.

30 August 2017 If

Place a water tube at an angle in lumber so that the Zantedeschia float just above the base to show off the delicate grass snippets scattered up the stem

31 May 2023 Notice That?/!

Light and airy... like a wonderful breeze on a hot summer day grass and erigeron display.

26 August 2020 It starts with WHY

Add design elements that serves a purpose for a minimal summer inspired floral design.

15 January 2020 This way we connect

Weave a connected panel to frame a single orchid.

25 July 2018 Lemon Aid

Use a lemon as a stopper to keep floral material in place

6 July 2022 Let’s play ball

Weave a spherical support to place long stemmed flowers into a bud vase.

22 February 2023 Jump out at you

Early iris flowers in a bud vase.

26 April 2023 Oh So Me

Snip and grow willow to create a Spring new growth support for your tall flower stems.