My Creative Workbook

Christine de Beer - effortless floral craftsman


13 December 2023 Rudolph the red nosed reindeer... the seed cone and twig version

Seed cone and Twig Reindeer

13 December 2023 Snowy Bead Garland Planter Bowl

Glue a beaded garland into a coiled bowl

13 December 2023 Stack and Glue Needle Trees

I am showing you a few versions of the tree. One with lights, with and without a stand, a pyramid stacked one and one on a wire.

13 December 2023 Quick and Easy way to dress up poinsettia plants for Christmas

Colour coordinate your tiny plant pots and add a bauble... or three

6 December 2023 Twig and Tinsel Candy Canes

Easy... but it takes a bit of resting time. Perfect for having your hot chocolate while waiting...

29 November 2023 Bind Autumn design details and Christmas evergreens around an upturned vase to keep the stem ends hydrated... from Fall to Christmas!

A wrap-around-vase to show off new bits of Christmas and the last bits of our autumn treasures.

22 November 2023 Fluffy Seed Snowflake Sparkle

A gentle switch between designing for Autumn and Thanksgiving and Christmas.

15 November 2023 Water dip Wax to match the flame petals of a Cyclamen flower for a layered Twig and Leaf armature

Dipping wax in a deep bath of water makes the most beautiful streams of wax that looks just like the petals of a cyclamen flower.

8 November 2023 First Frost Sparkle Wire and Twinkle Vine Wreath

An impossibly delicate wreath shape that will last... and last... all Festive Season long.

1 November 2023 Canary vine tangle in a double vase

Great craft for when you are tidying up the garden before the first frost but would still like to enjoy the vines for a bit longer.

1 November 2023 Bored looking Sisal ghost with dangling bell feet

Quick and so easy... I added the bells so that the ghost looks kinda bored now that Halloween is all over.

25 October 2023 Interweave a fairy light and grass glow vase

Wrap a fairy light grid around a fishbowl vase to interweave dried grass for an almost basket display.