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Aerial Odyssey

I was invited to stage a design at this year's Canada Blooms Flower Show as an International Competitor to represent Canada.

Our design theme was: Aerial Odyssey and my design is a snap shot of that time when some plants went on a great adventure/journey through space. You see, I was wondering... how would plants go on a flying adventure (an Aerial Odyssey) ... and I realized they already are... and so are we!

Christine de Beer Aerial Odyssey design at Canada Blooms

So... for my Aerial Odyssey design I crafted an overgrown, lush green planet floating (ok, floating in a... balanced on clear acrylic legs with grass swirling all around to look like it's floating... kind of way) in a blue sky ('cause see the background)

Christine de Beer International section at Canada Blooms

And of course every planet needs an ecosystem. For the inside of the planet I carefully constructed a habitat: Twirling grasses and lush blue Vanda Orchids flourish around a clear water pool while being hydrated by a single splash of water every 3 seconds from high enough so that it splashes on to the plant material- because the higher the drop, drops the bigger the splash!

International section representing Canada Aerial Odyssey design at Canada Blooms

This single drop of water is pumped (yes, I made a tiny battery operated pump fitted to the back of the design... you will see it better in the video) so that the water makes it's journey from inside the pool...

Sustainable zero waste no floral foam flower arranging competition design

... see the clear pipe in the glass container? Just a little up to the left...

Ecosystem in floral design

... it is installed all the way around up the grass armature...

Blue light wired into the floral design

... see the blue light, there where it points right into where it drops? to drop and roll down a single blade of grass...

Dropping a single drop of water into a vase floral design

... and splash back down into the pool.

Canada Blooms 2020

... not unlike evaporation, falling down as rain on our own floating planet where we are having our Aerial Odyssey on!

Thank you to Canada Blooms, The Garden Club of Toronto and The Toronto Flower Show and for inviting me to design.

NOTE: We were about 7 (of 10) hours into staging the designs at the show when the health assessment went from Low Risk to first Closed For Public Viewing and a few hours later Cancelled due to COVID-19 concerns.

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13 March 2019 Interweave an enchanted gift basket

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14 August 2019 Long lasting Lily and lily grass ball

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29 January 2020 Weave a long lasting (without using floral foam) in a vase floral design basket

Give your woven grass a water source by designing the basket in a vase rather than placing the vase in a basket

5 April 2017 Weaving a Pillbox hat from grass

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