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Radiating bunny tails

Book readers turn to page 161 for a twig example of this design. You will also find loads of information on how to use a Kenzan (with a fun tip on page 165 to clean your Kenzan)

For more information about my book: The Effortless Floral Craftsman

But to get you started I have also included a Tutorial here on how to secure a Kenzan in the bottom of a container.

Press a blade of grass between the teeth of a Kenzan

Press a blade of grass between the teeth of a Kenzan to secure it horizontally.

Make sure the grasses keep it's shape placed flat like this. The grasses should not droop. In this weeks email I tell you a bit more about securing the grasses in the Kenzan in this unusual way. Let's have a chat about it... or maybe you have a question or want to say Hi, you are welcome to reply to the email. If you are not yet receiving my Wednesday morning (send out at 8, Vancouver time) you can sign up below the post.

Press in the second blade of grass through the Kenzan teeth

Press in the second blade of grass through the Kenzan teeth to overlap the first.

And the next blade of grass in between those

And the next blade of grass in between those....

Add grasses to radiate all around the container

Add grasses to radiate all around the container.

Concealing the Kenzan with grasses

Concealing the entire Kenzan with grasses...

While making sure the fuzzy bunny tails are slightly raised and not drooping

Placing each blade of grass at a slight angle to make sure the fuzzy bunny tails are slightly raised and not drooping.

Fill the container with water to at least half way up the needles of the Kenzan

Fill the container with water to at least half way up the needles of the Kenzan.

Drape a pretty vine over the radiating grasses

Drape a pretty vine over the radiating grasses. I have these Love In A Puff vines currently in flower in my balcony garden... gorgeous, right?

Add in a few flowers

Add in a few flowers. Preferably something that looks like it might be growing next to the road. These Apricot lemonade cosmos flowers add just the right amount of "country road".

And secure a few more blades of grass between the Kenzan teeth to stand upright

And secure a few more blades of grass between the Kenzan teeth to stand upright.

If you have a thick enough stack of grass at the bottom you can simply slip the grasses through and they will remain upright... or bundle them. If you are unsure how to bundle grasses see page 162 of my book or to get you started, see the Kenzan Tutorial below.

And as always I finish the design with a few sparkling dew drop crystals.

Every week I add a new design with related tutorials. Be sure to subscribe to receive an email notification with design inspiration.


7 January 2015 Securing a kenzan

Temporarily adhere a traditional Ikebana Kenzan or pincushion to a shallow container.

8 July 2015 Using a pin to place tiny dew drop crystals

It's sometimes difficult to place a tiny crystal or bead exactly where you want it.

7 August 2019 A Three level Kenzan skewer stack to Radiate Gladiolus spikes flat in a shallow container

Build up a design in a shallow container by stacking it by threading the plant material into the teeth of a pin cushion in three levels.

6 November 2019 Dancing fall leaves... on a stick

Spike fall leaves and water tubes to create a minimal radiating autumn display

22 September 2012 Stir-stick Sunburst

Glue a radiating armature from stir-sticks.

8 June 2022 Eucalyptus leaf and twig blossoms in a radiating puddle of stems

Just look at that puddle! This design is all about the fresh eucalyptus... but in a cooling down for summer kind of way.

12 May 2021 A radiating, gradient carnation design in a shallow container

A bit of Kenzan support for a floating shallow container design

20 July 2022 Breezy lily grass ripple

A radiating design that has the freedom of movement to add a bit of a cooling effect on the warmer days of summer.

29 June 2022 Take your time to craft a Bulrush Dial Armature

Slowly build up a dial armature from dried bulrush

22 March 2023 Easy twist to a tulip spiral to nestle a “we are still building this” bird’s nest in

The easiest unfinished nest idea... simply shaped from roots discovered while Spring cleaning and preparing to plant.

15 November 2017 Kenzan leaf rack

Line and position pretty autumn leaves.

12 July 2017 Twig sparkler

Glue twigs to radiate out from a central point

2 October 2013 Spiny Twig Porcupine Armature

Glue a few twigs to display Autumn flowers and foliage on

20 October 2021 Upright standing besom for the modern witch on the go

Craft a wire tripod to fit into the bristles of a handcrafted broom so that it can stand freely in your display.

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20 July 2022 The tiniest drop

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29 June 2022 But for this… let’s not rush

A take your time and mindfully craft a pretty design to celebrate the summer solstice- it is officially summer here in Canada.

22 March 2023 ... and just like that we spiral back to... Spring!

A spring spiral design... with a hint of a root nest. Easy to do

11 September 2013 Making it last

Split and spiral a few gladiolus flowers in a way that the stems remain intact, to spiral in a water filled filled vase for a long lasting composite flower

15 November 2017 Alchemy

Gently stand leaves upright in a Kenzan

12 July 2017 Sparkler

A radiating twig design

2 October 2013 Prickly

Build a twig porcupine armature for fall flowers

20 October 2021 Flying Lessons

An easy get ahead with Halloween decoration that will last.