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Christine de Beer - effortless floral craftsman

Stir-stick Sunburst

Glue the one end of the stir sticks.

Slowly build up the radiating armature. Glue the first two stir sticks at one end and let it gape open at the other end.

Glue a few more stir-sticks and set aside to dry

Glue a few more stir-sticks and set aside to dry.

Continue to glue small sections.

Continue to glue small sections. Let each section dry thoroughly.

Glue the sections to form the sunburst shape.

Glue the sections to form the round sunburst shape, radiating out.

Slot in the last section.

Slot in the last section.

Stir-stick Sunburst.

Add a bit more glue to make sure the armature is secure and leave it to dry completely before moving it.

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