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Kenzan leaf rack

Design note: Now normally I would remove the messy pollen from the lily but in this design I left the golden stamens to drop gently onto the petals to bring out the gold in the autumn leaves. See the Tutorial below if you want to rather remove the messy pollen.

Roll a long worm from floral fix

Roll a long worm from floral fix

Connect the ends and fix it to the bottom of a Kenzan

Connect the ends and fix it to the bottom of a Kenzan

Press the Kenzan onto the design container and twist

Press the Kenzan onto the design container and twist. This creates a seal and the Kenzan is secured to the container.

See the Tutorial below for detailed instructions on how to secure a Kenzan

Add another Kenzan

For this design I placed two Kenzans in the bottom of my container, with a tiny gap between them.

Slip a leaf to rest between the metal teeth of the Kenzan

Slip the leaf to rest between the metal teeth of the Kenzan

Add a few more leaves.

Add a few more leaves.

Play around with the placement

Play around with the placement. I placed mine from big to small with a few prominent gaps in between.

Place your flower stem in the teeth of the Kenzan

Place your flower stem in the teeth of the Kenzan.

Fill the container with water

Fill the container with water.

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7 January 2015 Securing a kenzan

Temporarily adhere a traditional Ikebana Kenzan or pincushion to a shallow container.

2 January 2011 Lilies

How to keep Lilies in bud for longer. Removing the pollen. Stringing a Lily Garland.

8 October 2014 Replacing water in a shallow container design without disturbing the design elements

Our goal as designers is to create the best environment for our flowers to stay as beautiful and fresh for as long as possible. When we condition flowers we always remove any...

7 January 2015 So many ways to use a Kenzan to hold floral materials

How to place various sizes of plant material in a Kenzan

1 April 2015 Keeping pollen tidy

Most of the time I would gently tug the pollen covered stamens away the moment it becomes yellow and messy. But the Gloriosa looks rather pretty with the stamens on, so I fix it...

30 March 2012 Keep pod shaped flowers in bud for longer

Sometimes you want to keep flowers in tight bud for as long as possible to suit your design

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