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Playing Favourites

Playing Favourites floral art design

It’s the one the pot calls the kettle…

Weaving a butterfly from foliage

Has it’s own … Friday, a … sheep and some ... tea or the way some people drink their coffee.

Rose design

Jet ...

Set roses in a vase with a Kenzan


Weave a butterfly from flax.

The colour of coal

Rose and lily grass design

and a clever crow

Black flax butterfly

… ok… it’s black. I do like black.

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26 August 2015 Skeleton Hydrangeas

Make skeleton petals from hydrangeas to create blossoms

5 January 2011 Palm leaf Hopper-flies (grasshoppers and butterflies)

Weave grasshoppers or butterflies (or fireflies) from palm leaves

15 April 2015 Stretching leaves and foliage into a ringlet curl

Most leaves and foliage can be slightly manipulated to curve or curl.

7 January 2015 So many ways to use a Kenzan to hold floral materials

How to place various sizes of plant material in a Kenzan

7 January 2015 Securing a kenzan

Temporarily adhere a traditional Ikebana Kenzan or pincushion to a shallow container.

18 February 2015 Grass Spiral Snail

Fold a foliage snail

17 June 2015 Zig zag Palm Dragonfly

Fold a dragonfly from a long strand of grass or palm leaf

24 September 2014 Folding a Frog

Fold and weave a frog from grass

6 February 2013 Fold a Foliage Fish

Fold and weave a fish from two blades of grass

17 July 2012 Guacamole Green Coiled Grass Chameleon

My Chameleon is mono-botanical. Made from coiled grass

1 February 2012 Love Bug

Heart shaped rosery vine and pine love bug

14 January 2011 Ripping Flax

Flax can be ripped into fibres creating long and versatile strips

14 May 2014 Perking up roses (Please... don't ever do this, anywhere but at home, and only for yourself!)

This trick works really well, but it is a temporary fix to extend the life of drooping roses and is not a substitute for good quality fresh flowers. It is great to know this...

Favourite Flowers



Related Designs

15 November 2017 Alchemy

Gently stand leaves upright in a Kenzan

6 June 2018 Hi-Lo

Perfect stems, perfect flowers. Needs nothing more.

3 April 2019 Blossoming like a Caterpillar

Crafting caterpillars from blossoms

17 April 2019 Hopping with Excitement

A hoppingly-fun Spring design for Easter.

1 July 2020 Oh yes, The Hornet of Tranquility

A minimal... but then with a tiny bug detail... design that is perfect for warm summer designing.

15 March 2023 Hop… Lots!

Beautiful blossoms don’t NEED much to make it into a lovely design. But the start of Spring might just inspire you to add a bit much… just because it makes you happy.

20 January 2016 A lots of stuff and things

Sticks and twigs create a resting spot for palm and rose butterflies

7 January 2015 Any Which Way

Using a traditional Ikabana Kenzan to place flowers in a shallow container

1 June 2016 The ties that Bind

Bind a lily to create a trumpet shape as it opens

8 March 2017 Piece of the forest

Standing roses upright in a shallow container