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Oh yes, The Hornet of Tranquility

Oh yes, The Hornet of Tranquility floral design by Christine de Beer


Minimalist floral designs... with an organic twist

I totally

How to make floral bud insects Hornet

know this

Add a tiny design detail to a summer floral arrangement

didn’t happen… but...

A contemporary minimalist semi submerged lily flower arrangement for summer

well… just imagine if it did!

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1 July 2020 Crafting a Hornet of Tranquility (you know… the one with the sparkle butt)

Let me explain myself: it’s got a blue sparkle stinger… or you wouldn’t have noticed the little wasp.

5 January 2011 Palm leaf Hopper-flies (grasshoppers and butterflies)

Weave grasshoppers or butterflies (or fireflies) from palm leaves

17 June 2015 Zig zag Palm Dragonfly

Fold a dragonfly from a long strand of grass or palm leaf

10 June 2020 Overgrown vine tangle to suspend flowers in a clear vase

A zero waste and sustainable floral design solution to keep your flowers exactly where you want them without using floral foam.

12 June 2019 Loop-over grass veil for a cool summer design

A cool and minimal floral design for summer.

2 January 2011 Lilies

How to keep Lilies in bud for longer. Removing the pollen. Stringing a Lily Garland.

8 July 2015 Using a pin to place tiny dew drop crystals

It's sometimes difficult to place a tiny crystal or bead exactly where you want it.

Favourite Flowers


Inca lily, Peruvian lily or lily of the Incas



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26 May 2021 From all sides

An all on one side design to admire roses from all sides.

11 May 2022 Is this new…?

Giving old ideas a new twist to refresh it for Spring

21 June 2017 Playing Favourites

A quick and easy Kenzan design

17 June 2015 This Summer

Weave slip on summer sandals

10 June 2020 All Out

An all out effective way of keeping a flower stem in the exact spot you want it to be in a clear water vase design.

25 July 2018 Lemon Aid

Use a lemon as a stopper to keep floral material in place

19 September 2018 Before I show you my book- let me show you my book

… and why we call this the special craftsmanship edition

6 June 2018 Hi-Lo

Perfect stems, perfect flowers. Needs nothing more.

10 June 2015 Gotcha!

Hana Kubari lily stems

12 June 2019 Almost... all over!

Loop a grass veil over a lily stem to create a minimalist summer design.