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Hand Corsage

Measure and cut a drinking straw to fit on the top of your hand

Measure and cut a drinking straw to fit on the top of your hand

Fold a length of ribbon in half and slip it through the straw

Fold a length of ribbon in half and slip it through the straw

 Slip the loop over your ring finger

Slip the loop over your ring finger so that the straw lies comfortably on the top of your hand. Cross the ribbon at your palm and bring it back to the front to knot (or make a bow) and cut the ribbon short if needed.

Cut another section of ribbon

Cut another section of ribbon (that matches your design colour) and glue it to the drinking straw. Push both ends into the straw to finish it off neatly. The ribbon is the bottom part of the design.

Cover the exposed straw

Cover the exposed straw part by gluing on moss and start adding the flowers. I used the throats of Phalaenopsis orchids (snip away the large petals), reindeer moss, succulents, twigs and pansy buds for my design.

Slip the ribbon back through the straw and fit so see that it feels comfortable and balanced.

Slip the ribbon back through the straw and fit so see that it feels comfortable and balanced.

Move your hand around to make sure the fit is comfortable.

Knot the ribbon and add a bow, if you want

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26 July 2011 Copper Wire Ring

Bend and curl a adjustable copper wire ring

1 October 2014 Flat Top Spiral Wire Ring

Create a large and flat base to secure the fresh plant material on

15 April 2011 Decorate the wrist corsage

Glue rosette shaped succulents onto the wrist corsage

12 September 2012 Infinity fold for storing ribbon

Neatly roll you ribbon to store flat in a drawer

5 March 2014 Harvesting succulents

Severing the rosette to design with

5 March 2014 Using floral glue to secure succulents

Easy and fast way to include succulents in designs

16 November 2011 Making the waist corsage using the BoutStix Floral Magnets

The BoutStix Floral Magnets “stick” is the backbone of the design, strengthening the narrow heart shape and adding support and balance.

5 March 2014 Wiring succulents with a double leg mount

Create a wire stem for your succulents

5 March 2014 Wire headband for a floral tiara

Cut and bend flat wire (or any other wire you choose) into a “U” shape to follow the shape of your head. Similar to an Alice band

30 August 2011 Removing Oasis Floral Adhesive glue spills

The finish of every design should be flawless. Make sure there are no bits of glue visible in your design by carefully removing all traces of spills.

6 January 2016 Moss Colombina inspired mask

Cover a mask shape with moss and succulents for a long wearing mask

31 July 2012 Cherry stem Masquerade Masque

Glue cherry stems to create a mask

17 July 2013 Wooly Stir Stick Bracelet

Bend a coffee stir stick and cover in wool for an easy to wear bracelet

Favourite Flowers


Phalaenopsis, Moth orchid

Ceropegia woodii

Rosary vine, Chain of Hearts, Collar of hearts and String of hearts

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26 July 2011 Echeveria ring

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24 April 2011 The plastic inside of a roll of Florist tape becomes a Wrist Corsage

Up-cycle the inner plastic ring from a roll of floral tape to make a wrist corsage. This design was also featured in the Italian floral design magazine Blossom Zine

16 November 2011 Winter formal

The elongated heart shape Echeveria waist corsage is meant to be worn low around the hip as a trailing ribbon clasp.

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6 January 2016 Hey there

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31 July 2012 Grown Glamour

Delicate cherry twig, rosary vine and oncidium orchid enchanted forest masquerade masque.

17 July 2013 Once, twice, thrice

Bend a few stir sticks to cover with wool to make a few floral bracelets

30 April 2015 Layer

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