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Arachnis Gerbera-petal-legicus

Pick away the petals from a Gerbera daisy.

Pick away the petals from a Gerbera daisy...

Leaving four petals on each side.

Leaving four petals on each side.

Glue in two sparkling beads for huge eyes

Glue in two sparkling beads for huge eyes...

I have a bonus tip for you about drawing in the eyes... see the last picture of this post.

Cut two petals in half

Cut two petals in just under half...

... and glue it in the disk floret

... and glue it in the disk floret.

Design note: I am pretty much convinced that 100% of my general knowledge comes from weird things I pick up while researching design projects. Here's one: those tiny little leg-like things that can be seen beside the spider fangs are called 'pedipalps' ... they are for collecting the prey closer while the spider bites it.

Draw in the eyes of the flower spider

Yes, a spider has eight eyes... but eyes are a really great way to add flow to your design because we are curious and want to see what the little critter is looking at. So don't miss the opportunity to add a "story" to your design. Give all the critters something to interact with.

Bonus tip for you this week: place the floral spiders in the design... and then draw in the eyes on the crystal beads. This way it is so much easier to give them a distinctive personality that tells a story with just the position of where the eyes look. You never can tell 100% how the flower will turn and fall once placed.

Design Note: for more critters and creatures to make and how to add them to your design turn to page 386 to 393 of my book. It is part of the section where I talk about going just a bit more to add something truly remarkable to make your designs stand out.

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31 October 2018 Spider-mum

Craft a spider from twigs and a chrysanthemum

28 March 2011 Spinning a Hot Glue Spider Web or silk for a Floral Cocoon

How to spin (and remove) hot glue spider web or floral cocoon

26 July 2011 Wire Tendrils

Curl the wire at irregular intervals to create a natural wire tendril similar to that of a passion fruit plant

4 January 2011 Drinking straw "test tubes"

When you need to keep a tiny stem hydrated this is just what you need.

1 March 2011 Paper covered Wire

Cover the wire with the raffia

30 March 2011 Wired Monkey Vine

This wired rope is inspired by Monkey vine that you see hanging from trees. It is strong, rough and very tough. Covering the rope with mud will add texture and it also insulate...

14 January 2011 Beaded wire

Thread thin wire with tiny beads

30 October 2019 Bat Skeleton crafted from twigs

Eerie! Because you use what is there already in the twigs this skeleton looks rather... realistic!

6 November 2012 Stalk and Husk Scarecrow

Use husks or dried leaves to make a scarecrow or doll

22 September 2012 Skeleton Leaves

Remove the pulp from leaves so that only the vain framework remain

27 September 2017 Tendril vine Wreath Pumpkin

Reshape a vine wreath into smaller wreaths to combine as a pumpkin

8 July 2015 Using a pin to place tiny dew drop crystals

It's sometimes difficult to place a tiny crystal or bead exactly where you want it.

Favourite Flowers


Transvaal Daisy, Gerbera Daisy, Germini

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14 June 2023 Because I am beautiful!

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1 November 2023 That day after Halloween feeling

Time to cut down vines... and enjoy them a bit longer in a Halloween display.

8 April 2011 Large Open Weave Twig Basket

Easter Basket used in the Durbanville Flower Club Easter Parade Demonstration

28 March 2011 Spider web covering the design with drops of glittering rain

Weaving hot glue spider webs

30 October 2019 There once was a bat called Tequila, a Halloween story

An all plant zero waste, levitating, twig (with just a splatter of autumn leaves, a breath of spiderweb and float of roots) Halloween decoration with an eerie bat skeleton made...

29 September 2011 Pick-Up Sticks

A twig and stick design with sweet dumpling pumpkins and rosary vine (Ceropegia woodii). I also made a cherry twig and skeleton leaf Stick Insect

2 November 2016 Pick your poison

A Fun Halloween design with "poisonous mushrooms" tucked between the moss and petals

28 October 2015 On Pumpkin Coloured Days

Create a besom broom to sweep up those Autumn leaves

2 October 2013 Prickly

Build a twig porcupine armature for fall flowers

4 October 2017 Whipped up in the autumn breeze

Give a loosely woven wreath legs to stand on to hover lightly around a pumpkin

27 September 2017 As tendrils tend to do

Curl a wreath with tendrils to create a twig-pumpkin

3 October 2018 But what’s inside?

This week we are looking at the contents pages of my book... but more specifically at the sweet little pod design on the content page of my book.