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Wired Monkey Vine

Mix a bit of potting soil with wood glue to create a firm yet runny mud. This will dry into a very rough and strong texture.

Making monkey rope

For the rope I gathered a length of wire and sisal together and painted both with dark wood stain. I then twisted the wire to look similar to the passion fruit tendrils and created the hooked shape I required to hang the orchids from. I dipped the entire shape into mud to adhere the sisal over the wire. Next I added bits of paper bark to the rope.

Wired Monkey rope

To fix the loops into place I painted sections with more mud. Leave to dry and bake hard in full sun.

This will create a very strong wired rope- strong enough to hang the orchids from and it also insulate the wire from rust by creating a protective layer. It not only looks natural but is made out of natural plant material.

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1 March 2011 Paper covered Wire

Cover the wire with the raffia

23 March 2012 Curl Equisetum shoots into a snail shell spiral

Equisetum is hollow and jointed resembling miniature bamboo but it can be shaped into spirals by wiring the shoots

14 January 2011 Beaded wire

Thread thin wire with tiny beads

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