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Curl Equisetum shoots into a snail shell spiral

Press the wire into the hollow Equisetum.

Press a wire through the hollow Equisetum shoot. Make sure the wire is absolutely straight. Any kinks in the wire will pierce through the side of the Equisetum.

Start to gently curl the Equisetum.

Start to gently curl the Equisetum shoot.

Curl the Equisetum into a snail shell spiral.

Curl the Equisetum shoot into a snail shell spiral. Make the curl gradually bigger. To create the snail shell dimension press the spiral slightly at an angle rather than flat. The curl will now move around and out.

Continue curling the Equisetum to create dimention.

Continue the spiral.

Equisetum snail shell spiral.

Equisetum shoot snail shell spiral

Or curl it into a neat flat spiral

Continue to wind the Equisetum into a neat spiral.

Wind the Equisetum shoot to create a neat spiral

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30 October 2013 Straightening wire

Wire is always sold in a roll and it can be very frustrating to try to remove bends, kinks and curls.

13 March 2011 Wire and bend Equisetum

Create lasting shapes by wiring Equisetum

1 January 2011 Equisetum

Create a natural flower "test tube" or a light with Equisetum

Favourite Flowers


Scouring Rush, Horsetail, snake grass, puzzle grass

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