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Spinning a Hot Glue Spider Web or silk for a Floral Cocoon

Glue Gun

To create a spider web or cocoon you will need a hot glue gun and two small blocks of Styrofoam

Spider web- styrofoam

Press out a good amount of glue onto two pieces of Styrofoam

Spider web- pull

Press the two pieces together and slowly pull apart to create long glue strands.

Spider web- on wood

Wrap the glue strands over your design for a natural looking web.

Raindrops on the spider web:

Spider web- rain drops

To create the raindrops: spray the glue web with water

Glue silk on the cherry twig cocoon

Hot glue silk on the cherry twig cocoon

Removing hot glue silk from a design:

Spider web- remove

Blow the web that the glue gun creates away with a hairdryer set on warm.

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