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A good September Soaking

A good Soaking floral art design by Christine de Beer

If you listen carefully

Soak techniques for floral arrangements

You will even

Minimal floral styling for designer


Single flower arrangement tutorial

how our

Let flowers soak up pigments to dye the petals


Using the first few Fall leaves in a flower arrangement

is soaking up

An impossibly delicate floral design for sustainable florists

the colours

Dye flowers with pigments by letting it soak up

of Autumn

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8 September 2021 Glue soaked stems cheeky angled grid for those first autumn leaves (with a dye soak up tip)

A barely there delicate grid to keep your flowers in place.

8 July 2015 Using a pin to place tiny dew drop crystals

It's sometimes difficult to place a tiny crystal or bead exactly where you want it.

22 March 2017 Using sisal and wood glue to make a rigid and versatile foundation for floral art armatures

Wrap thin, glue soaked sisal fibers around a balloon or ball to create a barely there armature

9 September 2015 Layered sisal and twig armature

small sisal fibers create a mat like armature

19 June 2013 Sisal Disk

Create a inflexible circle armature to hang flowers from

28 August 2013 Barely there Mad Hatter's Top Hat

Glue sisal fibers to create a floral top hat

19 February 2020 Twig snippet pillar armature

A great do-in-advance and reusable design solution for a winter, early spring floral display.

23 September 2020 All dried Autumn hemisphere design that will outlast even the falling leaves outside

Preserve some floral material to design with when it is but not quite Autumn outside.

17 July 2019 Twig Dome Armature

Crafted from a hand full of twigs to give you a large design... even though you add only two stems of sweet peas.

16 January 2019 Delicate Twig Hammock Armature to keep tulips upright in a shallow container

Craft a suspended armature to create a clear winter design.

29 November 2017 Autumn Screen

Craft a hanging twig and autumn leaf design

12 July 2017 Twig sparkler

Glue twigs to radiate out from a central point

2 October 2019 Cross hatch Twig Armature

Add a bit of shadow and dimension to a flat armature by using the sketch technique of cross hatching.

Favourite Flowers


Lisianthus, Texan Poppy, Texas Bluebell, Tulip Gentian, Prairie Gentian

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9 September 2015 Fall Treasures

A sisal mat armature for fall twigs flowers and leaves

19 June 2013 This Moment

Create an armature design outside the vase

27 May 2015 Limelight

My RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2015 Limelight Floral Art Design. My Limelight design was inspired by a slice of lime. But I wanted it to look like it was spun by a butterfly. I used...

27 May 2015 RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2015 Limelight Floral Art Design

Looking back at the preparations and staging of a design in the Floral Design Studio Marquee at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show.

28 August 2013 Losing some of that Muchness

A barely there sisal Mad Hatter's floral hat

19 February 2020 The Upside of being Inside

A creative design that has some height to it without blocking the view. This can easily be scaled up or down to match the environment you want to display it in.

23 September 2020 Getting a head start on all that Fall-ing

Floral styling using mostly dried material that will last the entire Autumn.

17 July 2019 … and... a bit more... effort… to make it special

Instead of just placing a handful of twigs and two stems of sweet peas in a vase... why not...?

29 November 2017 Marcescent

Glue a delicate autumn room devider

12 July 2017 Sparkler

A radiating twig design

2 October 2019 Cross-hatch a Shadow Bright Autumn

A clever trick borrowed from art techniques to add dimension to a bright and colourful Autumn floral design.