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Poised to Spring

Poised to Spring floral art design by Christine de Beer


Phalaenopsis orchids displayed in a spring blossom bud armature


How to design with blossom twigs

cool and

Collect a few blossom twigs to bring Spring into your home


Easy to do yourself Spring floral designs for small spaces


Sustainable floral design that is zero waste and foam free

… ready… set… and next week it’s a… go!

One last look from editing, one last set from layout, one last bit of a shuffle with the behind the scenes IT bits… and then I can share our new flower adventure with you. Oh yes, I have been working really hard these last few years to create something special (fully online, fully able to join in from wherever you are, at whatever stage you are on your flower journey) for you… and it is standing ready to blossom… As. We. Speak!

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16 March 2022 Sturdy, blossoming armature in a shallow puddle

If you know just a bit more about the "why" we do the things we do it is easy to discover new "how's". This week I show you why it is possible to design with blossoming twigs in a...

7 September 2012 The Three legged trick for Upright Constructions

When in doubt, always give your armature three legs. Two legs are simply not enough and four legs will wobble if it is even slightly off balance.

6 May 2020 a Just-Replace-The-Flowers-When-They-Wilt freestanding bark armature

Part of sustainable designing is designing with the entire life-cycle of your work in mind. Designing armatures is a lasting and ever changing design solution.

22 May 2012 Bite and snap a sturdy twig

Break the sturdy twig on the scribe line.

28 February 2018 Marching winter frosted twig and freesia stack

Frost a few twigs to craft a delicate armature for fragrant freesias

23 February 2022 Place delicate stems at an angle in a shallow fiber lined container

Line a shallow container with fiber to create a mat for the flowers to hydrate and stand in the exact way you want to place them.

19 February 2020 Twig snippet pillar armature

A great do-in-advance and reusable design solution for a winter, early spring floral display.

20 April 2016 Free standing Willow twig armature with a hidden water source

Cut a few willow twigs to split to create legs for the armature

1 August 2018 Balancing Sweet pea stems with an Ivy Leaf Stack

This design is all about balance.

25 February 2015 Balancing a Twirled Willow Armature

Twirl twigs to create a balanced nest to display the beautiful orchids on

13 August 2014 Standing flowering stems in shallow puddles

Making a truss out of sunflower stems for a free standing design

Favourite Flowers


Phalaenopsis, Moth orchid

Related Designs

8 February 2023 Snow… drops

A late winter design for minimal floral styling.

12 April 2023 The word we are looking for is… fun

A leaning twig armature with both the first signs of Spring and the last signs of winter.

6 May 2020 Forever… incomplete

Craft a pretty armature that can be used again and again.

28 February 2018 March Days

Line up a few frosted twigs to march across a shallow container

23 February 2022 Plan Together

Leaning Muscari flowers in a snow covered twig armature.

19 February 2020 The Upside of being Inside

A creative design that has some height to it without blocking the view. This can easily be scaled up or down to match the environment you want to display it in.

20 April 2016 That Will Be

Freestanding willow twig armature design

1 August 2018 Stay Cool!

Craft a free standing Sweat pea design

10 June 2015 Gotcha!

Hana Kubari lily stems

25 February 2015 Just So

Twirl a few willow twigs to create a balanced armature to display orchids

13 August 2014 A leg to stand on

Create a upright design by supporting the flowering stems