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A leg to stand on

A leg to stand on floral art design

Shake a leg

Sunflower and passion fruit vine design

Break a leg


First leg

Sunflower heads

on your last leg

Sunflower with passion fruit stems and tedrils

A leg over

Connect the stems to create a free standing design

A leg up

Stand the stems in a shallow dish filled with water

Sea legsā€¦

Free standing design

a leg to stand on

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13 August 2014 Sunflower Disk Floret

Gently pull the petals ( Ray floret) from the seeded part of the sunflower

13 August 2014 Standing flowering stems in shallow puddles

Making a truss out of sunflower stems for a free standing design

7 September 2012 The Three legged trick for Upright Constructions

When in doubt, always give your armature three legs. Two legs are simply not enough and four legs will wobble if it is even slightly off balance.

Favourite Flowers


Granadilla, passionflower, passion vines

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27 July 2016 Too Hot!

Leaning floral stems to stand on their own in a shallow container

1 August 2018 Stay Cool!

Craft a free standing Sweat pea design

31 July 2019 Jitters!

Zig-zag grass details add a bit of tension to the design

21 October 2020 When it gets chilly

Use the heart of a sunflower as a platform to place your autumn floral details on.

14 July 2021 Light as a Kite

Spike a wire frame into a disk floret for a light summer design.

16 March 2022 Poised to Spring

An "it's only 10 days to Spring" design to display some blossom buds.