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Twist your own Wire Wreath frame

Make two wire circles.

Make two wire circles. One slightly larger than the other.

Secure the wire by twisting it around the circle.

Bend a length of wire around the outer circle and twist it to tie the wire

Connect the two circles with wire.

Bend the wire into the smaller circle and twist to secure. Bend the wire out to the outer circle and twist. Continue the zig-zag pattern to connect the two circles

Add more wire twists.

Continue to add wire.

Wire wreath frame.

The wire wreath frame is done and ready to design with.

Adding Moss or growth medium:

Gather a handful of moss or growth medium and wire it to the frame.

Gather a handful of moss or growth medium and wire it to the frame.

Continue to add growth medium to cover the frame.

Continue to add growth medium to cover the frame.

Wrap the copper wire around the frame.

The growth medium can be as thin or thick as your design require. A growing wreath of succulents or small plants will need a thicker frame and the binding wire spaced further apart. Also remember to soak the moss or growth medium.

Wreath frame.

Hand made wreath frame. For my design I wanted the frame to be slightly fatter at one side. For this I placed the wire circles off-centre and added extra growth medium

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