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Pine scale wreath

Break the scales.

Lift and twist the scales to break it from the pine cone. See the Tutorial below

Glue the scales on to the wreath frame.

Cover a wreath frame with moss or growth medium. Glue the scales on to the wreath frame with hot glue

Continue adding scales in rows

Continue adding scales in rows just as it grew on the pine cone. Let each scale overlap the previous one in a spiral, similar to fish scales or roof tiles.

Add scales of similar sizes.

Match the sizes of the scales to gradually get bigger as you move around the wreath.

Fit in the last few scales.

Fit in the last few scales.

Pine scale wreath

Pine scale wreath.

Pine cone scales.

Wiggle all the pine cone scales to make sure it is secure.

The glue strands melt away.

Using hot glue invariably leaves unwanted strands. You can easily melt them away with a hairdryer set on the warmest setting. See Tutorial below

Decorate the pine cone wreath.

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14 August 2012 Peel a Pine cone

It is easier to peel a pine cone from the flat side than to try and break the scales from the top

24 July 2012 Blow away hot glue strands

When you glue a structure with hot glue there are always a few stray strands of glue stuck all over the design. Blow it away with a hairdryer.

1 November 2011 Weaving a twig wreath

For my design I wanted the wreath to look wind blown so I added a few loosely woven twigs into the weave. I also wanted to emphasize the autumn colours so I added a twirling...

12 August 2012 Twist your own Wire Wreath frame

Make a wire wreath frame with wire and cover it with growth mesium or moss to design on

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