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Peel a Pine cone

Gather a basket full of pine cones.
Try to gather the cones on a dry day when the scales are open. If the forest floor is wet, the cones will be closed tightly and you will have to wait a bit for the cones to open up as soon as they dry out.

Peel the pine cone scales from the flat side down to make sure it breaks clean

Lift the first scale with the tip of the knife.

Lift the first scale with the tip of the knife.

Continue around the pine cone.

Continue to lift and snap the pine scales around the cone. The scales overlap like roof tiles and if you follow the pattern of the natural growth it is fairly easy to break the scales cleanly.

Press the knife under the scale and twist

press the knife under the scale and twist.

Break the scales.

Break the scales as close to the base as possible

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