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Twig and skeleton leaf Stick Insect

Christine de Beer Twig and skeleton leaf insect

My twig with skeleton leaf wings insect

Twigs for my stick insect

I glued the basic insect shape from six curved cherry twigs.

Curve the twigs to make the bug

Curve the twigs to shape the first wings and downward for the body

Add feelers to the twig insect

Add a second pair of wings and feelers

Six insect stick legs

Carefully bend six twigs in half and glue on as legs

Apply Oasis Floral Adhesive to the twig wings

Apply a small amount of Oasis Floral Adhesive to the twig wings. The glue works best if it dries a bit. By the time all the wings have Floral Adhesive on, the first wing should be ready to glue.

Skeleton leaf wings for my stick insect

See the Tutorial below on how to make Skeleton Leaves. It is just perfect for making wings! Gently place a section of leaf onto the glued frame.

Press the leaf wings onto the body frame

Tap the leaf to secure it onto the twigs.

Twig stick insect

Cut the left over bits of leaf away from the wing frame.

Christine de Beer-Twig stick insect JPG

Twig stick insect, all done!

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