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Loop a Monstera leaf stem to craft an underwater hold for a knotted orchid stem

Cut the top most orchid from the flower spike

Cut the top most open orchid from the flower spike.

Carefully bend the stem over

Carefully bend the stem over. Work from the place where the flower is connected to the tip of the stem. This helps the stem become more pliable...

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To the point where you can knot the stem without it snapping

To the point where you can knot the stem without it snapping.

Choose a pretty monstera leaf with generous holes

Choose a pretty monstera leaf with generous holes.

Thread the stem through the knot

Thread the stem through the knot.

Bend the stem over and push it through the hole in the leaf

Bend the stem over and push it through the hole in the leaf.

The flower is now attached to the leaf

The flower is now attached to the leaf... yet moving freely.

Rest the Monstera leaf on a small glass container

Rest the Monstera leaf on a small glass container allowing the flower to dangle below.

Fill the container with water

Fill the container with water by pouring it carefully through the leaf.

If you need to use tweezers to set the flower

If you need to use tweezers to set the flower in a better position.

Adjust the stem if you need the flower to be deeper in the container

Adjust the stem if you need the flower to be deeper in the container.

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19 February 2013 Manipulating stems: Snapping at an angle, Bending, Spiraling, Curling and Straightening

Most stems, twigs and even sturdier branches can be bend into shapes. It takes practice and more than a bit of patience. The main idea is to slowly manipulate the branch without...

15 January 2020 Over and under weave floral panel armature for inside a vase

Weave a small panel that fits snugly in a container for a minimal, foam free design that is quick to make but looks spectacular.

10 July 2019 Letting grass kick against the side of the vase to create a neat and minimal line

Plant material float about in water. To keep it in place it is best to wedge it slightly to touch the sides of the container.

17 July 2012 Prevent scratches, rust and water stains on display surfaces

This is a great, non permanent way to protect surfaces from damage

12 February 2014 Lightly sprinkled foliage frog

Light as air ripped foliage flower frog

22 May 2012 Filling a vase with water without disturbing the design details

Break the water flow when you fill a vase with details in that can move with the stream of water

30 August 2011 Suspending and positioning a Phalaenopsis orchid under water

Flowers naturally float and you will need some kind of sinker to keep them suspended under water.

4 March 2020 Balancing a fishbowl vase on its side for a floating design

Give new life to an old vase by turning and balancing it on it's side. It's actually easier than it looks... and it looks super impressive!

Favourite Flowers


Phalaenopsis, Moth orchid

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27 January 2021 Knot how it was supposed to go

When you figure out the "how to" tricks of manipulating plant material it is possible to respectfully set them into seemingly impossible new directions.

6 April 2022 Gaps between those in-between Spring days

Give a minimal design a few grass "whiskers" to feel that Spring breeze.

11 May 2022 Is this new…?

Giving old ideas a new twist to refresh it for Spring

22 February 2023 Jump out at you

Early iris flowers in a bud vase.

7 June 2023 Be excited

Oh my! Picked from my balcony garden... after I thought I completely missed it blooming.

15 January 2020 This way we connect

Weave a connected panel to frame a single orchid.

31 July 2013 Roll out those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer

A tiny orchid stem ladder keeps the orchid suspended just above the water line

22 May 2019 Putting your own spin on it

I would definitely describe my own personal style as minimalist classic... but with an edgy twist.

10 July 2019 These are my favourite summer things:

A submerged design... perfect for summertime designing... and enjoying!

7 October 2015 Down-bubble

Add grass "bubbles" that can be repositioned to your design

1 March 2017 Gumusservi

To celebrate the 6th year anniversary of My Creative Workbook I am looking at the most popular Tutorial I have done to date:

12 February 2014 Easy does it

Rip foliage to sprinkle as a light as air flower frog

30 August 2011 Ichi-go, ichi-e

Freely translated it means Each Moment, Only Once. It is a saying associated with Japanese tea ceremonies.

4 March 2020 All Aboard!

Ooooh! Am I excited to show you this design. It is an ordinary fishbowl vase... balanced on it's side.