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It all stacks up

Flower friends, thank you. From my heart.

I am so grateful for all the kind comments, the smiles and the wonderful well wishes… from the moment I announced the book you have been so supportive!

It all stacks up

A clump of shout outs to all of you...

Stack autumn leaves

A hearty cluster of Cheers!

Fall leaves stack

A stack of Thank You’s... and another thank you to you

Easy to make Christmas tree from autumn leaves

Thanks a bunch,

Thread a nature craft Christmas tree

... and I tip my hat

To date, the advance copies of the effortless floral craftsman have found new homes in: Australia, Canada, Latvia, Malta, New Zealand, Norway, Scotland, Singapore, South Africa, United States, United Kingdom. You are awesome! Thank you so much for the support. If you go to the (new!) landing page of my site… you can see the countdown to the release of the ebook on Amazon , and the Craftsmanship edition of the book here on My Creative Workbook. How exciting!
But that also means… there’s still time- but not much, if you still want to order an Advance copy of the Craftsmanship edition of the effortless floral craftsman book from my online shop and receive your gift packet of clips (exclusively available as advance book gifts). The beautiful Craftsmanship edition of the book will officially be available from the first Wednesday in November. With the… well… for a lack of a better description… more “mass market” edition coming out in the new year.

… and Vivian, Maidee and Lindalee, I hope you (… and your flower friends) enjoy creating with the clips!

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24 October 2018 Autumn leaf Christmas tree stack

Stack autumn leaves, from big to small to look like a tiny Christmas tree

30 October 2013 Straightening wire

Wire is always sold in a roll and it can be very frustrating to try to remove bends, kinks and curls.

30 October 2013 Spiked Autumn leaf cauldron

Pike a few (hundred!) autumn leaves to build up a hollow leaf armature

10 May 2017 Skewered Eucalyptus leaf line-up armature

Thread leaves through wire

22 March 2017 Skewered Foliage Garland

Create a garland that dries well with rolled up leaves

28 June 2017 Skewer leaf rolls to support a tiny water source for fresh flowers

Hide the water source in a rolled leaf

10 August 2011 Foliage Pleat Garland

Folding a garland from strips of a Aspidistra leaf

Related Designs

9 October 2019 With a thankful twist in the middle

Fold and thread an autumn leaf armature for a thankful Thanksgiving design

1 January 2020 How to freeze a wow moment

Create a long lasting winter inspired floral design that looks like it is frozen in time.

27 May 2020 Take a Stab at it

Skewer a few leaves to turn a single carnation in a bud vase... into an occasion... all by itself!

22 September 2021 Kinda Corny

Crafting with corn to make... well... corn, really.

18 May 2022 Because Why

Adding the smallest details to absolutely make the design.

31 August 2022 Bud… bud… bud… they were feeling so… very blue

When life hands you dyed flowers you make... well creatively speaking it turned out to be not such a bad thing after all!

2 November 2022 bonfire

A final rosy burst of fiery autumn colour.

30 October 2013 As the leaves melt away

Spike a few hundred fall leaves to create a cauldron for Halloween flowers

10 May 2017 About a line

Skewer and line up leaves to create an armature

22 March 2017 Biomimicry

A design demonstration and workshop at the Floral Trends Design group in South Africa exploring how we emulate nature’s best biological ideas to solve our modern day design...

31 May 2017 Let's hang out

Skewer some Eucalyptus to suspend between the orchids

28 June 2017 Somewhere in the Middle

Skewer Dracaena leaves into a roll that supports a tiny water source for the Oncidium orchids

10 August 2011 Pleated Pleasure

Pleats are accordion like folds of equal width in alternating opposite directions in any kind of fabric. I absolutely love the tight buds of Allium and they represent the...