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Pleated Pleasure

A Floral Trends Design Group Assignment
Pleats are accordion like folds of equal width in alternating opposite directions in any kind of fabric.

Pleated Pleasure floral art design

Pleated Pleasure

Pleat garland from foliage

I wound my basket bowl shape out of an Aspidistra leaf garland made up of small accordion pleats similar to those used when folding a fan.

Allium flower heads and orchids in a pleated basket

Nestled low in the pleat basket,just off center, is a single yellowish-green phalaenopsis orchid and shadowing it, three tight buds of Allium flower heads. The pleasure part of my design is the Alliums. They are fascinating beyond believe as they twist and turn while they follow the sunlight in the room creating an ever changing design.

Lastly, I draped a knot made of a ripped Aspidistra leaf over the design to break up the tension created by the pleat pattern.

Pleated Pleasure basket from Aspidistra leaves

I used test tubes filled with water to keep my flowers fresh but I could also stand the design in a shallow tray filled with water- it is the basket frame that suspend and balance the design.

When your design is balanced on twigs or legs, like this one, place one of the legs facing forward.
Visually this creates balance but it will also stop the basket from toppling forward once you add the flowers.

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10 August 2011 Curl Allium stems while conditioning

Allium stems twist and turn and follow sunlight

10 August 2011 Alliums "breath freshener"

Lessen the smell of Garlic and Onion related flowers

10 August 2011 Foliage Pleat Garland

Folding a garland from strips of a Aspidistra leaf

10 August 2011 Free standing basket

I tied the strong inside veins of the 5 Aspidistra leaves (that I used to make the garland with) to make my basket armature.

14 January 2011 Ripping Flax

Flax can be ripped into fibres creating long and versatile strips

Favourite Flowers


Phalaenopsis, Moth orchid

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24 August 2011 Touchstone

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