My Creative Workbook

Christine de Beer - effortless floral craftsman


7 April 2012 Just Hatched Papier Mache Easter Eggs

Glue newsprint paper to balloons to make large egg shaped containers to design in

7 April 2012 A Neighbor friendly way to deflate a balloon

Apart from avoiding the noise popping a balloon makes this is also a less violent way to deflate a balloon when you make Papier Mache items

7 April 2012 Paste and cut Wooden Feathers

Wood glue makes wood veneer or Kyogi paper soft and playable to make feathers with

7 April 2012 Foam pin holder drying rack

This is a convenient way to keep flowers perfectly upright while you wait for glue to dry.

3 April 2012 Chrysanthemum spongy stem spacers for a floral lariat necklace

The inside of Chrysanthemum stems are spongy and easy to thread as stem spacers for a floral lariat necklace

3 April 2012 Pompon Chrysanthemum, bud and eucalyptus pom-poms

Pompon Chrysanthemums make perfect floral pom-pom beads

3 April 2012 Wire hairpin needle for threading flowers

Hairpin wire needle to pierce flowers.

30 March 2012 Keep pod shaped flowers in bud for longer

Sometimes you want to keep flowers in tight bud for as long as possible to suit your design

30 March 2012 Moss Camouflage

Sometimes you need a pot or vase to look more natural or completely disappear in a design. The easiest way is to cover it with moss or natural growth medium.

29 March 2012 Use a BoutStix Floral Magnet to hang test tubes

This is a fast and easy way to hang test tubes in a design

29 March 2012 Cover test tubes with moss

Make test tubes look a bit less obvious and more natural by covering them with moss.

23 March 2012 Drying Physalis sepals

Every Autumn we see the beautiful Physalis pods everywhere but they are easy to dry and preserve to use year round.