My Creative Workbook

Christine de Beer - effortless floral craftsman


15 December 2011 Sugar Frosted flowers, fruit or foliage

Egg white and sugar creates a natural frost effect

15 December 2011 Spiral wire support pressed into a candle

The wire spirals are supported on wire sections pressed into the wax

15 December 2011 Measure the height of a table design from elbow to duck beak.

This is an easy and quick way to make sure your table design is the right hight

10 December 2011 Twist a twisting Wire Angel

Just a few twists are required to make this Wire Angel

7 December 2011 Encouraging Moss and Lichen to grow on a design

This time of year is best for starting a moss garden. It needs to be cool and wet. Lichen and moss becomes dormant when it is too hot and dry.

7 December 2011 Hang a wreath on a door without knocking nails into the door face

I use two methods (or a combination of both) to attach a wreath to a door.

7 December 2011 Glue a forest filigree twig wreath

This wreath is not woven but glued to create a see-through forest filigree

29 November 2011 Messy wire lace

I call this “lace” because I use pins to guide the wire sections together- almost like you do when making lace.

23 November 2011 Assembling a Mobile on a twig top bar

Here are the two secrets to assembling a well balanced hanging sculpture: First: Let gravity do the work. Do not fight it. And Secondly: Start from the bottom of your design...

23 November 2011 Twig and glue Angel

Cut short sections of twigs to glue into an Angel shape

16 November 2011 Making the waist corsage using the BoutStix Floral Magnets

The BoutStix Floral Magnets “stick” is the backbone of the design, strengthening the narrow heart shape and adding support and balance.

9 November 2011 Curve a flower around the design with a T-wire

Gently bend and secure the Alstroemeria flower head into the twig design