My Creative Workbook

Christine de Beer - effortless floral craftsman


30 March 2011 Wired Monkey Vine

This wired rope is inspired by Monkey vine that you see hanging from trees. It is strong, rough and very tough. Covering the rope with mud will add texture and it also insulate...

30 March 2011 Mud Bricks

Made in a similar way to larger bricks used to build with

28 March 2011 Spinning a Hot Glue Spider Web or silk for a Floral Cocoon

How to spin (and remove) hot glue spider web or floral cocoon

24 March 2011 Condition Epiphyte Orchids

How to condition Orchids to use as plants in an arrangement without placing the roots in a growth medium

23 March 2011 Mud Pie baskets

I made the baskets from plastic cupcake cups.

22 March 2011 Tiny Note books

Binding books with a paper band

21 March 2011 Serviette rings

Create a serviette ring from fall leaves, acorns, wire and tissue paper

20 March 2011 Butterfly Net

You will need wire, a short stick, twig, dowel or bamboo and net.

19 March 2011 Melting Wax for Floral Art

For Floral Art the temperature of the wax rarely exceeds the minimum melting point.

18 March 2011 Reed Hourglass

Glue small sections of Mikado Reeds into a hour glass shape

18 March 2011 The Floral Hourglass Wax Foundation

Pour a foundation from cardboard and wax

18 March 2011 Patina Copper

The colour and the effect will vary due to application, temperature and humidity.