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Christine de Beer - effortless floral craftsman


(ser-en-dip-i-ty) noun

Serendipity floral art design

An aptitude for making

Lily of the valley and grass


Twirling grass around lily of the valley


Komiwara inspired design


Tie the lily of the valle with grass


Serendipity inspiration


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7 May 2014 Rethinking the traditional Komiwara technique

Komiwara is a classic and traditional Ikebana technique used in a Rikka design. Designers would usually bundle straw to keep the flowers in place.

7 May 2014 Secure a pliable stem accross a design

I wanted my Lily of the Valley stem to lean across the design, and simply tied it with grass.

Related Designs

27 April 2016 Sprout

A sneaky way to condition new growth to add into your Spring design

10 August 2016 Saved up

Cut lengths of bamboo to place in a shallow container as a flower frog

2 August 2017 Grace

Use snips and snippets and leftovers to create a design of it's own

21 February 2018 Impossible things

A cut stem flower frog for the heavy Hanging Heliconia flowers

4 July 2018 Wonder

Tie a bundle of grass to support your floral details

30 January 2019 Around Here

Wind lily leaves to spiral around in a water filled container.

22 May 2019 Putting your own spin on it

I would definitely describe my own personal style as minimalist classic... but with an edgy twist.

17 February 2021 From here in out

An all natural, zero waste design using only plant material.

19 May 2021 In the little gap

Use the petals of your flower to cleverly keep all the other floral details of your design firmly in place.