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Direct Contrasts

Floral Trends Design Group Assignment

I have always been fascinated, as a designer, by the idea that there is a point when extremes or direct contrasts flip into its opposite.

Direct Contrasts between the wire and the plant material

If you polish a dull surface long enough it gets a high sheen or in nature a willow twig, pliable and green in spring dries to a redish brown branch that snaps when you try to bend it in winter.

Direct Contrasts between dried twigs and green grass

Of course there are many options between dull and sheen and pliable and rigid and that is the study of contrasts.

Direct Contrasts between curves and straight lines

When designing with contrasts it is valuable to establish just where the story you want to portray in your design lies on this line of contrasts that connects the two extremes.

Direct colour Contrasts

For me, my design tells the story of late autumn. The berries are plump and red, being harvested in copper basket cages. The twigs have lost their foliage but there are still hints of the past summer in the over grown cascading grass and arum lilies. There is a chill in the air that hints at the cold blue winter to come.

Direct Contrasts between matt and shiny

I tried to explore as many direct contrasts as possible without causing my design to lose all harmony- which is also in direct contrast to. contrasts

Dried twigs and green grass      Open spiral and closed spiral      Green and red      Orange and blue      Plant material and wire      Straight and curve      Warm and cold      Sharp and blunt      Active and passive      Dynamic and static      Natural and stylized      Floating and tied      Shiny and matt      Full and sparse      High and low      Heavy and light      Smooth and rough      Big and small      Vertical and horizontal      Long and short      Pointing up and cascading down

Floral Art Design Direct Contrasts

Lastly, in direct contrast to what you would expect of flowers that naturally grow in South African wetlands: Arum lilies are one of the few flowers included as a specific example of an exception in the Fresh plant material must be in water or water-retaining material unless such material remains turgid throughout the event rule in WAFA floral art competitions. Arum lilies will remain turgid, meaning they will last out of water for the duration of an average show.

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13 October 2011 Spiral Wire Cages

The cage spirals to form a basket that wrap around the plump ripe berries (or you can slip in a flower) to hang as connections between the twigs.

13 October 2011 Prevent teeth marks on soft wire when you bend it with pliers

Even long nose pliers without grooves still damage soft aluminum wire. Pad the pliers with a plaster.

30 August 2011 Curving Calla Lilies

Follow the flower's natural curve but you can also curve only sections to create an elegant crescent or a curve at the tip of the stem

26 April 2011 Weave a willow twig blind

Weave twigs in parallel to create a twig blind with strong but natural horizontal lines.

Favourite Flowers


Calla Lily, Arum Lily

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17 January 2024 Wave Wrap

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