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How to position the tiniest Spring stems using the hole in the side of a beaker wall vase

Thread your heaviest stem through the hole in the side of the beaker wall vase

Thread your heaviest stem through the hole in the side of the beaker wall vase

Slowly turn the stem to find its tipping point

You want this stem to be balanced and anchored through the tiny hole. Slowly turn the stem to find its tipping point.

Fill the container with water.

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Add in a green flower bud

Add in a green flower bud that looks rather textured/vividly coloured to contrast the green leaf.

Oh yes… new growth is notoriously difficult to condition. But so pretty to bring inside on a Spring day!

Book readers turn to page 74 for my secret tip for conditioning new growth. But to get you started I have also linked a Tutorial below this post.
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Drape over a few rosary vines over and around the leaf and bud

Drape over a few rosary vines over and around the leaf and bud.

Add in a few dew drop crystals to finish the design

Add in a few dew drop crystals to finish the design.

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8 July 2015 Using a pin to place tiny dew drop crystals

It's sometimes difficult to place a tiny crystal or bead exactly where you want it.

27 June 2018 Foliage tube armature for long stemmed freesia buds

Curl and pin a few leaves into a tube to create an armature for those "left over" freesiabuds.

28 June 2017 Skewer leaf rolls to support a tiny water source for fresh flowers

Hide the water source in a rolled leaf

8 January 2020 Leaf-puddle for a short stem in a big vase

Add a leaf to a large-ish vase to create a small puddle of water for your short flower stem to rest in.

17 March 2021 Cone shaped leafy puddle for a short stemmed flower

Take all the usual ingredients for a budvase design- a flower, a leafy green something and roll it into something unusual to display.

23 March 2013 Rolling leaf tubes

Roll foliage to create tubes

4 February 2015 Fold over a tropical leaf cocoon

Fold and glue a Monstera deliciosa (delicious monster) leaf

6 April 2022 Create a design gap with two leaves to create shivering whiskers for your Spring design

Adding design details to create tiny gaps for more design details.

26 May 2021 Stacking stems to show off flowers from all angles

Roses so pretty you want to admire them front, side and back.

2 June 2021 Two leaf lining your container to shelter your orchids

Create a shallow puddle in a larger container to keep your flowers in place.

6 January 2021 Rolled leaf shelter for a lean-in-closer tiny bud vase design

Create a tiny visual tunnel to focus attention.

Favourite Flowers

Ceropegia woodii

Rosary vine, Chain of Hearts, Collar of hearts and String of hearts

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20 April 2022 Oh this? Yes! it is new

New growth... too cute to resist!

27 June 2018 Look deep

Curl foliage to use as a natural armature for delicate buds.

28 June 2017 Somewhere in the Middle

Skewer Dracaena leaves into a roll that supports a tiny water source for the Oncidium orchids

8 January 2020 Rest a bit here

Gently curve a shallow area with a leaf to showcase a gorgeous flower with a short stem in a water filled vase

22 August 2018 FreestyleFreesia

Dutch floral designer Pim van den Akker, from Flower Factor invited me to participate in a FloraHolland initiative promoting the versatility of Freesias entitled ...

17 March 2021 A scoop of pretty

A tiny budvase design that rearranges basic ingredients, such as a single leaf and an orchid to create a new design concept.

22 May 2019 Putting your own spin on it

I would definitely describe my own personal style as minimalist classic... but with an edgy twist.

4 February 2015 collywobbles!

Fold foliage butterflies

6 April 2022 Gaps between those in-between Spring days

Give a minimal design a few grass "whiskers" to feel that Spring breeze.

26 May 2021 From all sides

An all on one side design to admire roses from all sides.

2 June 2021 Like an open book

Position foliage to create a smaller, shallow pond for your floral details to shelter in.

6 January 2021 I tip my (flower) cap!

An enclosed design that invites the onlooker to lean in closer to explore the pretty orchid.