My Creative Workbook

Christine de Beer - effortless floral craftsman

Fold over a tropical leaf cocoon

Place a Monstera deliciosa leaf on a flat surface

Place a Monstera deliciosa (delicious monster) leaf on a flat working surface

Fold the leaf lobe over and secure with glue

The delicious monster leaves are Fenestrate (fenestrata) which means they have windows or holes in the more mature plant leaves with lobes that can easily be manipulated. Fold the first lobes inward and secure with glue

Fold the next set of lobes over and secure

Fold the next set of lobes over and secure

Move up the leaf matching lobes and gluing it together

Move up the leaf matching lobes and gluing it together

Roll the leaf tip and secure with a drop of glue

Roll the leaf tip and secure with a drop of glue

Tuck all the tips into the leaf

Tuck all the tips into the leaf

Cut the stem at an angle and set it in water

Cut the stem at an anglewith a sharp knife and set it in water

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23 March 2013 Rolling leaf tubes

Roll foliage to create tubes

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16 August 2017 Making Ends Meet

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27 June 2018 Look deep

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22 August 2018 FreestyleFreesia

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26 May 2021 From all sides

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Position foliage to create a smaller, shallow pond for your floral details to shelter in.

20 April 2022 Oh this? Yes! it is new

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11 January 2023 Maybe Still Maybe

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15 March 2023 Hop… Lots!

Beautiful blossoms don’t NEED much to make it into a lovely design. But the start of Spring might just inspire you to add a bit much… just because it makes you happy.

10 May 2023 By the cone full

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24 April 2024 You Just Like You

Support a small bundle of spring florals to stand upright in water with two Monstera leaves.

8 May 2024 I mean… did you!?!

Playing with shapes to frame the light in a dramatic floral design.

3 July 2024 Oh! my word

A perfectly flat leaf to support tiny floral details in the summer heat.