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Christine de Beer - effortless floral craftsman

Late Autumn Early Christmas.

They Fall floral art design

Autumn is the hardest season.

Twig and dried leaf design

The leaves have all fallen

Hang a single bauble in the twig design

...and they fell

Hint at Christmas in a fall design

like they were

Autumn design using the last few fall leaves

falling in love

Late Autumn Early Christmas.

with the ground

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26 November 2014 Sticks stuck in a ground covered foundation

Glue potting soil to polystyrene to create a natural looking armature

18 January 2012 Butterfly hairclip claws to hold twigs in place while glue dries

Butterfly hair clips are the perfect little claws to help you hold tiny items in place while you wait for glue to dry

22 May 2012 Bite and snap a sturdy twig

Break the sturdy twig on the scribe line.

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26 October 2016 Harvest Moon

Fold a fine twig wreath in half to create a moon shaped armature

12 July 2017 Sparkler

A radiating twig design

21 February 2018 Impossible things

A cut stem flower frog for the heavy Hanging Heliconia flowers

6 November 2019 Dance lessons from the Autumn leaves

A fun and easy contemporary floral design to display foraged autumn leaves and just a touch of flowers that can easily be replaced.

5 February 2020 What it’s all about

A bundle of twigs armature to create a pretend Spring design for a snowy morning.

13 September 2023 I am a fan!

Giving my book a super fan make-over.