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Branch Manager

Branch Manager

Oh yes… I finally managed (and believe me, I have been searching...)

Flower arranging on driftwood

… to get a gorgeous branch.

Sustainable design for easy foam free and long lasting floral displays

A perfectly knobby and tortured and flawed

How to hang flower vases in a driftwood floral design

and therefore

Sustainable and zero waste flower arranging for a longer lasting display


Phalaenopsis orchid and driftwood floral art design


Phalaenopsis orchid and driftwood floral arrangement that is sustainable and floral foam free

gorgeous branch.

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17 August 2022 Balanced branch with dangling macrame vases

Create a display branch for ever changing fresh flowers and foliage... or vines.

24 April 2013 Macramé hanging vases

Knot wool to create a catch to hang tiny bud vases from

8 July 2015 Using a pin to place tiny dew drop crystals

It's sometimes difficult to place a tiny crystal or bead exactly where you want it.

21 August 2012 Driftwood beavers lodge

Stack and glue driftwood to rest on bottles to create a frog to keep thin blades of grass neatly in place

28 December 2011 Macramé inspired hanging test tubes

When I hang these delicate glass bubbles I want to make sure they are really secure. By slipping them into Macramé inspired knots they are not only hanging securely but the...

18 January 2012 Butterfly feeler hooks for swinging test tubes

I don't always want to wire my test tubes into the design. I like to create a bit of movement by simply hooking the tubes to gently swing.

4 November 2020 Pot-scrubber copper wire curls and autumn twig twirls bud vase toppers

A quick solution for a minimal horizontal autumn display -on top of bud vases.

29 March 2017 Three Tier Wire Ring Chandelier

Bend and weave three wire wreaths to string up as an air plant chandelier

3 January 2011 Syringe with tube

Easy way to fill test tubes and easiest way to remove water from a vase

25 August 2011 Placing orchids in test tubes

Cut the Phalaenopsis orchid with a bit of green stem attached. This will make them last longer.

26 June 2012 Driftwood precariously perched on the edge of a pebble

Wire and glue the driftwood at an angle to balance on a pebble

27 August 2012 Up-cycle CD base for driftwood

Stack and glue a few used CD's to create a secure base for a simple piece of driftwood

Favourite Flowers


Phalaenopsis, Moth orchid

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23 March 2016 Celebrate!

A closer look at my design at the 20th anniversary of Canada Blooms and The Toronto Flower Show

23 September 2015 Pretty Spicy!

Hang fruity wire garlands to display Gerbera daisies

4 November 2020 Because that is just how I roll

A tumbling fall leaf design making use of the autumn leaves that are already falling to the ground.

31 May 2017 Let's hang out

Skewer some Eucalyptus to suspend between the orchids

29 March 2017 A Twirl

Suspend a wire chandelier design to twirl

28 December 2011 Bubbly New Year’s Sparklers

Delicate glass bubbles filled with the midnight blue African violet flowers, purple ornamental capsicum and spilling down the design are a few stems of rosary vine

26 June 2012 Diamond Jubilee Waterfall

To commemorate Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee and the 20th Anniversary of Friends of Government House Gardens Society a Horticultural event was hosted in the gardens and...

27 August 2012 Just Right! Floral Art demonstration: Too Hard!

My second design in my demonstration at the BC Floral Art Society meeting

23 May 2018 In Summer!

A contemporary cascade of rosary vine and dried petals.

8 August 2012 Stringing in the rain

A veil of green wool, Spanish moss and dried hydrangeas hang over white lilies