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Magic Flying Floral Carpet Ride -Collaborative Workshop

Some picture highlights from our collaborative workshop that I taught focusing on braiding and weaving techniques to create a floral carpet design:

Capilano Flower Arrangers Meeting floral carpet

Members of the Capilano Flower Arranging Club brought in a low pave style design (or designs) crafted in a flat box about 8cm (3 in) high that incorporates examples of braiding or weaving techniques.

Collaborative floral design workshop

On the evening we, as a group, designed our carpet by placing the boxes together on the display tables and adding decorative elements to finish it off.

Floral design workshop by Christine de Beer

First I explained how to combine individually designed pieces so that it forms a unit.

Floral art pave design without foam

We discussed each design, revealing our mechanic secrets (extra compliments if a designer came up with a creative and nature friendly way to keep their plant material hydrated!) and then we discussed each design so that we could partner them to create a unit.

Design workshop floral design book

The concept was that when you found a design that included elements that matched the elements in your design you placed them next to each other on the display table.

Using weaving techniques in floral design

Of course all the designs matched by default because...

Low pave flower arrangements to create a floral carpet

a) our colour scheme: green and white and

Floral designers collaborating

b) our main goal for the carpet was to incorporate some sort of weaving or braiding/plaiting technique or techniques.

Flower arranging books

Designers were also encouraged to include plant material and natural elements to show their own individual effortless style (examples used were twigs/bark and sand/stone).

Flower classes

We explored how texture, pattern, material and the use of the other elements and principles of design can be used to create a harmonious pattern throughout our carpet.

Christine de Beer floral design workshop

I then followed up with a mini workshop exploring how to braid and weave with foliage…

Unusual design techniques for flower arrangements

... as well as how to take these basic techniques one step further to customize your techniques with examples, hints and tips from my book The effortless floral craftsman, a floral crafter’s guide to crafting with nature.

Learning how to design with flowers in Vancouver

We added these design elements to tie in (weaving) and bridge the gaps (braiding) between the individual designs.

Capilano Flower Arrangers Meeting floral carpet workshop at the Delbrook community center.

Above all we were being creative and enjoying the warm summer evening experimenting with design techniques.

Flower arranging club workshop with Christine de Beer

It turned out so beautiful!

Special thank you to the members of the Capilano Flower Arrangers Club.

Vesna Golac, Sharon Corabetta, Kim De Wildt, Victoria Wickey, Mina Alimohammadi, Marie Murray, Freda Ellis, Ilse Link, Valerie McCardell, Gillian Konst, Donna Sims ... It was such a fun evening!

Floral carpet flower arranging design

... truly living up to its title… We were weaving a Magic Flying Carpet after all!

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