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Happy Easter!

Its Spring here in Vancouver and we are all taking a break this long Easter Weekend

Floral Spring cone

Happy Easter and Enjoy the Long Weekend! The posy is made up of spring blossoms, Gypsophilas, Alstroemeria and Cymbidium orchids. Bind the stems and wrap in a "cone" made of a banana leaf.

For another example of how I use a Banana Leaf to wrap flowers (instead of tissue paper or cellophane) look at my It’s a wrap design
Insert a floret with a weak or short stem into a hand tied or posy arrangement

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22 April 2011 Test tube on a stick

Include a single floret (such as an orchid) or bundle a few weaker stems (such as lily of the valley) into an arrangement or hand tie by wiring a test tube to a stick.

Favourite Flowers


Cymbidium, Boat Orchid


Baby’s breath, soap wort, Gyp, Gypsophila

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4 April 2011 its a wrap!

Banana leaves used to wrap flowers instead of Tissue paper or Cellophane

27 June 2018 Look deep

Curl foliage to use as a natural armature for delicate buds.

31 March 2021 Criss-crossed

Hide an egg inside a interwoven nest for a dainty Easter decoration design.

29 March 2023 To grow a patch of grass of our very own

The first of my new monthly articles about growing the material you need to design with. This month we are taking stock of what we need... and growing wheatgrass.

27 March 2024 Twiners Gonna Twine

Twining jasmine vine twirl for Easter

14 January 2013 It's High Time for Tea: from craft to art, taking a delicious floral journey with weaving techniques

This was the first two designs for my Floral Art and craft demonstration at The Capilano Flower Arranging club

14 January 2013 It is High Time for Tea. Floral Craft and Art demonstration at the The Capilano Flower Arranging Club meeting

This is an overview of the Floral Art and Craft Demonstration at The Capilano Flower Arranging Club. I demonstrated three floral craft cake designs and three matching floral art...