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Come on Over

Come on Over floral art design


Weaving with foliage

… under...

Lily and cyclamen

… atop...

Curl some ripped foliage

… beneath...

Let the flowers rest on the weaved foliage

… above...

Lily stamens

… below...

Foliage weave flower frog

… through...

Weave and curl foliage contrast

… up...

Shades of green floral art design


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19 February 2014 Weave a foliage grid for a shallow container

Keep flowers neatly in a shallow container

8 June 2011 Foliage Weaving

For this tutorial I focus on a simple weave pattern that does not require you to soften or prepare the leaves to be more durable or flexible. This is the starting point in...

14 January 2011 Ripping Flax

Flax can be ripped into fibres creating long and versatile strips

2 January 2011 Lilies

How to keep Lilies in bud for longer. Removing the pollen. Stringing a Lily Garland.

Favourite Flowers


Cyclamen, English sowbread



Related Designs

15 June 2016 One tug

Weave willow bark strips into a nest and weave a bird from flax

16 August 2017 Making Ends Meet

Criss-cross corset style connect the gaps in a Monstera deliciosa leaf

9 September 2020 Daffodillily

Weave around the stamens of a lily to create a daffodil like inside.

23 August 2023 Note to Self

An easy to weave natural grid for summer floral arrangements.

7 February 2024 Knot... that easy

An all natural shallow container design solution...

1 May 2024 Favourite Take-Away

Basket weave container for some Spring floral treasures.

3 July 2024 Oh! my word

A perfectly flat leaf to support tiny floral details in the summer heat.

7 April 2011 Weaving with Flax

Here are a few more examples of woven flax. I also use Typha, palm, iris leaves, Kyogi paper, boat orchid leaves and aspidistra to weave with.