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Words Matter.

Administrative Professionals' Day is on Wednesday 25 April, 2012.

Words Matter floral art design.

Thankfulness owns all the best words:

Plait a bear grass collar around the roses.

There are thanks and gratitude and grateful,

French braid for floral arrangements

appreciation, recognition and even credit, merit and praise.

Braid foliage and grass.

It's acknowledgement when times are challenging. It encourages getting what’s difficult to done.

French braid or plait the grass to shape a collar

And a touch of thankfulness can paint even a demanding to-do list with enthusiasm.

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25 April 2012 A plait, a braid or a French knot grass collar

"Plaid" and "braid" are synonyms, and where you are from will most likely dictate whether you use plait (British) or braid (American or Celtic). Some people also refer to...

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