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Unthinkably good things

This Design Tutorial is featured on The Conna Flower and Garden Club (Ireland) website. It is part of their Floral Art Lessons program that demonstrates new techniques, ideas and principles of Flower Arranging by International Designers.

Unthinkably good things floral art design.


Woven armature

all the time.

 Midelino cane coil cup.


Oncidium orchids hiding in a woven grass cup

once upon a time.

Woven structural design

will happen again…

Medilino, Oncidium and Grass design

in no time

Conna Flower Club WAFA Ireland featuring my design  as a floral art lesson

Thank you Conna Flower and Garden Club for featuring my design tutorial.

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14 January 2013 Midelino Cane Coil Globe Cup

Weave a loose, round floral art armature

16 August 2011 Cut spiked flower stems and foliage into short sections

Orchids grow in long flower spikes. It is great to use the entire stem but sometimes you need shorter section. There is a trick to cutting the stems without leaving a visible...

4 January 2011 Drinking straw "test tubes"

When you need to keep a tiny stem hydrated this is just what you need.

Favourite Flowers


Dancing lady

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11 November 2015 Balancing Act

Bend dried fall leaves to balance on the edge of a glass container

16 November 2016 All things Autumn (by which I mean all things chocolate): Snipped into Sections

This was the second design I did in my "All things Autumn (by which I mean all things chocolate)" floral art demonstration

8 March 2017 Piece of the forest

Standing roses upright in a shallow container

13 June 2018 Eat up!

A woven bubble for a carnivorous plant.

6 October 2021 A good measure of Autumn

A wire and twig permanent display basket with tiny water sources for a few fresh flowers that can be replaced as needed.

26 January 2022 Carry On

As sturdy as it is delicate basket made from off-cut stems and grass.

6 July 2022 Let’s play ball

Weave a spherical support to place long stemmed flowers into a bud vase.

27 July 2022 Wrong on the right, for a right

A glued snipped to create a cooling cone for dangling orchids