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Skipping stone

Floral Trends Design Group Assignment: Interpretive design:

The Nitty Gritty of Grass and Reeds

Skipping stone Floral Art design.

When I design I deliberately skip the first idea that I think of.

Monkey grass skipping stone.

The second idea is always better,

Cymbidium orchid and monkey grass.

but it will, without fail, be harder to do.

Weave a grass pebble for the orchid to nestle in.

Normally it’s also a lot more work.

Weaving a grass pebble.

Still, I skip that first idea, just to see what comes next.

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8 May 2012 Nestled grass pebble

Weave a grass pebble for flowers to nestle in

25 August 2011 Placing orchids in test tubes

Cut the Phalaenopsis orchid with a bit of green stem attached. This will make them last longer.

Favourite Flowers


Cymbidium, Boat Orchid

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13 July 2016 Woven

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19 April 2017 A spongy home for this octopus orchid

An unusual mechanic for a tiny orchid design

17 May 2017 Nobody move!

Weave a small basket with a lid to keep fluffy treasures in

17 January 2018 Flowering Between a Rock and a Hard place

Create a subtle contrast by floating or anchoring some of your design elements.

2 September 2020 Last full Moon of summer

All natural design using the design elements as mechanics.