My Creative Workbook

Christine de Beer - effortless floral craftsman

Test tubes

Soak used test tubes and vases to remove any bacterial buildup and hard water stains in hot water with ½ cup of white vinegar or bleach for about an hour

Wash tubes

before washing in soapy anti-bacterial dish washing liquid and finally rinsing with clear water.

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29 March 2012 Cover test tubes with moss

Make test tubes look a bit less obvious and more natural by covering them with moss.

19 February 2011 Cover plastic test tubes with Oasis Rainbow Foam powder

Covering test tubes with foam make them completely disappear in a design

Related Designs

15 February 2012 Blue Harlequin

A small hand held design as an alternative to a corsage.

8 May 2012 Skipping stone

Weave a grass pebble for the orchid to nestle in.

29 March 2012 A Floral Fable: Floriograpy Design

This is the fourth and last design I did for my Floral Fable demonstration.

12 April 2011 Intimate Dinner For Two- Table Setting Competition Class

Floral Sushi Dinner, for two

10 April 2011 Simplicity

Durbanville FlowerClub Arrangement: Chincherinchee on a wire spiral