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A Floral Fable: Floriograpy Design

This is the fourth and last design I did for my A Floral Fable Design demonstration at the Capilano Flower Arranging club.

The demonstration explores ways to add small floral details to tell your own floral fable or simply express yourself with floral art.

With every design I will demonstrate one concept, thought or idea and by just slightly changing a few of the floral ingredients the design flips over into its contrast.

The moral of our fourth fable is: Never be afraid to go down a new road; you don’t know what great things it might lead to!

Floral Art design using floriography to send a message.

The "new" I am exploring in this design is an updated version of Floriography, the romantic language of flowers.

Floriography is the romantic Victorian language of flowers.

In Victorian times people were much more restrained in what was socially acceptable to communicate.

Contemporary floral art demonstration design using Floriography

So they quite ingeniously developed a secret language to send their messages by types, colours, maturity and method of delivering flowers.

A Floral Fabel Floriography design .

Even the way flowers were received or accepted influenced the message's meaning!

A Floral Fabel Floriography texture design.

The language of flowers is hugely culture dependent and has changed through the years, but some floral interpretations stretches over all cultures and has become fully ingrained in our perceptions, such as:
Red roses meaning true love. It is still the most popular flower to convey the sentiment on Valentine's Day.
Poppies worn for Remembrance Day
Extending an olive branch meaning making peace.

In my last fable I used the Victorian language of flowers to send a message. See if you can guess my message:

In Floriography datk pink roses means thankfulness.

Dark pink roses....


In Floriography Mature open blooms means gratitude and thankfulness.

Mature open blooms.....

Gratitude and thankfulness

In Floriography Ivy means friendship



Thank you for your friendship and of course for inviting me to demonstrate .

My message was: Thank you for your friendship and of course for inviting me to demonstrate at the Capilano Flower Arranging Club!

For more on Floriography visit the wikipedia language of flowers page

Design note:

Textural contrast between the bark and a wood veneer.

As a final design consideration I also demonstrated textural contrast. The one side of the armature was covered in bark: rough and earthy. The other is covered in wood veneer, sleek and tooled.

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