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Christine de Beer - effortless floral craftsman

Cover plastic test tubes with Oasis Rainbow Foam powder

Spray Glue and plastic test tubes

Spray Glue and plastic test tubes

Sand bits

Use a sieve to sand down small pieces of left over bits of Rainbow Oasis.

Spray and sprinkle

Spray with glue. Set aside for a few seconds for the glue to become tacky. Sprinkle with the Oasis Rainbow Foam.

Lilies in the tube

Lilies and Ivy in the tube

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20 February 2011 Soaking Floral Foam

Each block of foam holds forty times its own weight in water. One brick holds two litres of water

1 June 2011 Lining containers to make them waterproof

If you use Papier Mache, terracotta or clay or any precious container that might scratch, rust, or discolour or disintegrate when it's in prolonged contact with water it is best...

8 February 2011 Cut Rainbow Oasis shapes to make multi-coloured designs

Mix and match Rainbow Oasis colours to create patterns

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19 February 2011 Crossing Boundaries

Twig waterfall creates the boundary between the "under" and the "over" of the design. Tutorial: How to cover test tubes with Rainbow Oasis