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Glistening and glowing out in the snow

Christmas Flower Trends 2013: It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year… A Contemporary floral art Christmas inspired by the lyrics (with more than a little creative license, of course) of the Christmas song

Glistening and glowing out in the snow floral art design.

It's the most inspirational time of the year

Twig dome over a flameless candle

There'll be much twigs-a-gluing

Candle wax snow

And on glistening bouquets it will be snowing

Glistening Christmas crystal snowflake

When floral designers are near

Twig and Dendrobium orchid Christmas design

It's the most glowing...

Winter Christmas floral art design

It’s the most inspirational time of the year!

“It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year” was written in 1963 by Edward Pola and George Wyle

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11 December 2013 Dried twig dome

Mix glue and twigs to create a twig armature for a Winter Christmas design

11 December 2013 Temporarily securing a Candle to a Vase

A temporary but very secure way to keep a candle in place in a design

4 January 2011 Drinking straw "test tubes"

When you need to keep a tiny stem hydrated this is just what you need.

4 December 2013 Large wax snowflakes

Artificial snow can be very "chemical" and flowers deteriorate quickly when exposed to it. It also dissolves in water. I use candle wax as "snow"

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2 December 2015 Stacking the odds in your favour

Cover a wire frame for a winter kissing bough.

20 December 2017 A Very Merry Christmas Star

A wire Christmas star with a secret plan to hide the twinkle