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Glue a forest filigree twig wreath

This wreath is meant to weather with time so the construction should be very sturdy and secure.

Cut the hazel twigs in short sections for the forest filigree twig wreath

Cut Corkscrew Hazel twigs into short sections

Start to glue the twig filigree twig wreath by making a frame with the larger twigs

Start to glue the twig filigree wreath into a round framework by placing the thicker stems first

Continue adding twigs to form the wreath

Continue to add one twig at a time to form the wreath

Make sure you secure each twig in many contact points

Make sure you secure each twig in many contact points. Now weave in any pliable twigs to create a permanent structure.

The more thin twigs you can weave into the design the better. Create an intricate pattern where the glued twigs are held by the woven twigs and the woven twigs are supported by all the glued twigs.

Paint the wreath with yogurt using the moss as a brush on the places you want the moss to grow

To encourage moss growth: Paint the wreath with yogurt using the moss as a brush. See the Tutorial below.

Glue the reindeer moss on to the wreath

Glue the Reindeer moss on to the wreath

Glue on the Eucalyptus

Fresh and dried flower bud clusters and operculum of Eucalyptus add a silver green touch to the wreath

A Forest Filigree Christmas wreath for the garden

Test the wreath by lifting it up and add any twigs where you need more stability. Lastly, I glued in a few crystals and tied a few silver strands of tinsel into bows

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