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Freesia - Freesia, freesias


White freesia buds and florets on my "Been there, Seen that" design

Common name

Freesia, freesias


South Africa (most species are available in the Cape Province),Eastern side of Southern Africa including Kenya


Freesias are widely cultivated and new varieties are introduced yearly


White to yellow, pink, red, rust and blue-mauve

Vase life

7 to 10 days


Peppery floral scent


Vintage to contemporary designs depending on the style of the design. Beautiful in bud vases, great in corsages and wedding designs. Strong, graphic buds


Choose stems with at least seven buds per stem. The first few florets must be open with some showing colour. Remove any foliage that will fall under the water line, give the stem a fresh cut and condition in cold water. Pinch out any spent flowers to encourage more flowers to open. Freesias are sensitive to fluoride added to water and can cause the the flowers not to open or the leaves to burn to a pale yellow.

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