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Protea Composite

This design was part of my 2010 Fusion Flowers Magazine Designer of the year competition portfolio

This is the kind of thing I used to do as a child. I would spend every possible moment in the garden playing with flowers. I loved weaving and creating a magical world.

Protea Composite made out of 9 Protea flowers

Protea Composite flower with Palm Butterflies is a Bridal Orb Bouquet, to be carried in the hand like a ball.

Protea orb.

To create this huge Protea I took apart nine Protea flower heads and glued the tepals and bracts back on to a polystyrene ball to create a large Protea composite flower that is similar in shape to an African clay vase used in wedding ceremonies.

As a romantic accent I made two palm leaf butterflies with Protea bract wings to cuddle on top of the flower.

Palm Butterflies cuddling on a composite flower made from Protea flowers

Palm Butterfly on top of the design


To get an idea of the size- look carefully at the center where the Butterflies are: this is one full size Protea flower!

Protea Composite

Protea Composite

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5 January 2011 Palm leaf Hopper-flies (grasshoppers and butterflies)

Weave grasshoppers or butterflies (or fireflies) from palm leaves

5 January 2011 Peel a Protea flower

Peel away the tepals and bracts from a Protea flower hear to make a large composite flower orb

Favourite Flowers


Protea (but each variety also has a common name)

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