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Protea - Protea (but each variety also has a common name)


This Protea Composite flower with Palm Butterflies is a Bridal Orb Bouquet, to be carried in the hand like a ball. This design was part of my Fusion Flowers Magazine Designer of the year competition portfolio

Common name

Protea (but each variety also has a common name)


National flower of South Africa. It is also found in the rest of Africa and Australia and cultivated in Israel and America.


The family Proteaceae has more than sixty genera and 1400 species


Dusty pinky red with white inside, green, white, cream, pink, and red

Vase life

up to a month if you arrange the woody stems in deep clean water.


Slight honey scented. There are often bee hives closed to fynbos plants and fynbos honey is very distinctive.


Large strong flower heads that dries very well for permanent arrangements. Because the flowers dry so well I like to deconstruct proteas and reconstruct them in different ways.


Regularly clean the vase and change the water. Allow air to circulate around the Proteas.

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