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Cymbidium Friendship Arrangement in a Papier Mache Container

According to Hanakotoba and Floriography (the languages of flowers) the Asian Cymbidium is considered a gift of respect and friendship and the florets are also considered symbols of "virtue" and "morality" in many other cultures.

Cymbidium orchid arrangement in a Papier Mache container

This is the perfect no guilt compostable gift container. Make the flower container out of unpainted Papier Mache that can be used as garden mulch. You can even add a few flower seeds into the pulp and ask the recipient of your gift to plant the container after use.

Cymbidium orchid arrangement

The arrangement includes Cymbidium orchids, roses, pincushion Proteas (Leucospermum) and fan palm leaves

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2 June 2011 Papier Mache

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Cymbidium, Boat Orchid


Protea (but each variety also has a common name)