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Hanging Garden

Oasis Design 4

In geography, an oasis is a remote area of vegetation in a desert, typically surrounding a spring or similar water source.

In Floral design Oasis is basically the same thing.

It is a small block of floral foam that we use as a water source for plant material.
But as a contemporary designer there is so much more you can do with Oasis. Over the coming month I will explore and use Oasis (focusing mostly on Rainbow Oasis) in my designs and add a few tutorials as I go along.

My Oasis design series include: Prickly Oasis, my take on using Oasis as a water source, A Work of Heart, using Oasis to weigh down an underwater garland Hanging Garden Oasis in powder form, One Singular Sensation, carving pebbles, Crossing Boundaries, using Oasis to conceal mechanics and A Rock by any other Name.. for Oasis rocks
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Hanging ball jars on a branch

This is a fun and easy project. You will need: a few glass ball jars, wire, flowers, water, Rainbow Oasis powder and a branch or two.

Floral Art design-Hanging Garden

Hanging garden Design using Rainbow Oasis Powder

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17 February 2011 How to use Rainbow Oasis in Powder form

Create colourful designs with Powdered Rainbow Oasis

17 February 2011 Hanging Jars

Add a handle to jars to hang in a design

16 February 2011 Hanging Jar tea light lantern

Set candles into the soaked powder

15 March 2012 Permanent Mossy Stick tree

Create a twig tree by using clay to secure twigs and sticks into a pot

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Related Designs

19 February 2011 Crossing Boundaries

Twig waterfall creates the boundary between the "under" and the "over" of the design. Tutorial: How to cover test tubes with Rainbow Oasis

8 February 2011 Prickly Oasis

Create the two or more coloured details with Rainbow Oasis.

11 February 2011 A Work of Heart

Carving hearts out of Rainbow Oasis to create an under water design

25 February 2011 A Rock by any other Name...

It's not really what we call things that matter but what they are made of- in this design, it's made of all three types of Oasis and wool.

14 June 2017 Things are looking up!

My article and Bamboo Lantern design featured in DIY Weddings Magazine

3 April 2011 One Singular Sensation

Three Lilies plaited to create a sensational, singular flower "growing" out of a Equisetum dome filled with Rainbow Oasis pebbles.