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Hanging Jars

I always keep all my empty glass jars to make hanging jars with.

Rustic looking jars to hang.jpg

It is great for all kinds of design projects.

I have used them to add inexpensive tea light sparkle to a garden for a charity dinner, to hang hundreds of tiny herb arrangements from a tree as a party favor, filled it with Bubble juice for a wedding, hide clues in them for a treasure hunt and used them as treat baskets

Hanging Ball Jars

Hanging Jars

Hanging Glass Jar

Wash and dry glass empty jars. Cut two sections of wire

Hanging Ball Jar

Bend the first section of wire to fit over the mouth of the jar. Secure this section with the second section wrapped tightly around the wire and the mouth of the jar. Give the wire a twist.

Hanging Ball Jar 3

Twist the wires with pliers.

Hanging Ball Jar 4

Twist the side wires to secure and test if it hangs straight.

Copper and twig recycled glass jar.

Mossy twigs in recycled glass jar with copper handles.

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