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A Floral Fable: Approach Design

This is the third design I did for my A Floral Fable Design demonstration at the Capilano Flower Arranging club.

The demonstration explores ways to add small floral details to tell your own floral fable or simply express yourself with floral art.

With every design I will demonstrate one concept, thought or idea and by just slightly changing a few of the floral ingredients the design flips over into its contrast.

The moral of our third fable is that our approach to things changes how we see the world:

I begin the design in a sleek...

Glass test tubes tied with a sexy corset style black satin ribbon.

and trendy..

A Floral Fable trendy city design

...big city

and then..

Hanging rustic copper and glass jars on the twig tree.

move to the country...

Floral art design with Gerbera and twigs.

to create a rustic...

A Floral Fable rustic country design.

garden style design.

When you design, every detail you add matters, and the smallest element can change the design completely.

A Floral Fable approach design- city.

At first the Gerbera daisies are in sleek test tubes tied with a sexy corset style black satin ribbon.

A Floral Fable approach design- city garden.

I then softened the bare city twig look by adding green stems of Jasmine foliage

The sleek city design looks softer with a few stems of Jasmine.

To show the big impact just a few stems can make

A Floral Fable country ball jars.

And finally the design is transformed completely

A Floral Fabel approach design- country.

when I replaced the test tubes with rustic recycled ball jars tied with copper wire.

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17 February 2011 Hanging Jars

Add a handle to jars to hang in a design

18 January 2012 Butterfly feeler hooks for swinging test tubes

I don't always want to wire my test tubes into the design. I like to create a bit of movement by simply hooking the tubes to gently swing.

15 March 2012 Permanent Mossy Stick tree

Create a twig tree by using clay to secure twigs and sticks into a pot

15 March 2012 Salty Playdough

Playdough is heavy, pliable, easy to mix, sticky, inexpensive and dries overnight. Perfect for floral art accessories!

Favourite Flowers


Transvaal Daisy, Gerbera Daisy, Germini

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